Thank your for your time. I hope you enjoy.

    I'm a native of Portland Oregon, I work in technology in between my time painting, fathering, and finding inspiration through daily existence. Simple. Aesthetics motivate my experiences in life. Please feel free to browse through my creative elements, whether it's through my paintings or application development I have carefully chosen my avatar, for those who truly understand what this symbol represents; you will understand what inspires me.

    There is something to be said about a manic mind. If it possesses the ability to visualize, there is virtually no limit to what you can create. I think this this applies to me and my ability to use my left and right hemispheres of my brain. I'm much more inclined to leverage my right-brain feeling side, but my bossy left-brain keeps me in check. This allows me to organize, conceptualize, and execute.

    Technology and how I apply my work is much like art. Programming is the canvas to which I can apply just another method of creativity. I use bits for my brush and lead.

    I wake each morning with a French Press of local micro-roasted coffee. I have been a longtime supporter of Stumptown coffee, but there is so much competition in the area that it's tough to stay committed to one brand. Water Avenue coffee has been a favorite for a couple years now. Joshua is doing a great job down there.

    Oh yeah, big dogs rock! And Tequila is the only probiotic liquor out there! Mmmmmm....