Introduction to me and my philosphy


I am current the Director of Product Development for Advisicon, a consulting agency specializing in Portfolio management using Project Server and SharePoint. We work with customers to improve their internal processes. Our value proposition is our strong knowledge in Project Management, SharePoint Development, Business Intelligence, and Office 365.

How it all started

My development experience started in the late 90’s while working with a Financial Software company. I was leaning toward System Engineering and studied networking extensively, but I found that did not meet my creative needs. I focused on databases where I have invested heavily in this area. I have supported SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and a variety of other databases. I specialize in T-SQL development, data management processes such as ETL, Normalization, and Integration. I have worked extensively on SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and I’m very competent in the entire BIDS environment. For you non-technical folks out there, means I can deliver outstanding solutions to meet any need from Financial Reporting to full integration capabilities between disparate systems. I’m a mean bit-pusher.

As most proficient database administrators know, especially in small to medium size companies, is that there is only so much development and administration needed once you have stabilized an environment. This is where my C# skills picked up as data access for decision making is critical to any organization. Often times you need interfaces to manage integration tenets and Meta Data for reporting and standardization. I leverage the following components to empower users to manage their own data: DataGrid, DataList, Entity Framework as well as LINQ for data access and management. HTML and CSS helps my users easily navigate through the forms. I have worked in the high-tech manufacturing industry for most of my career. I specialize in Process Improvement through LEAN methodologies and strong Project Management disciplines. I have a very solid hands-on practical application of ERP, CRM, PLM, & Agile methodologies. I have supported and implemented a variety of Applications that have helped organizations achieve financial success. My personal philosophy is that the IT department is a value-added department despite being overhead to an organization. We are critical to the success in your business. Invest in us well.

On a more personal note, I was a key player in the successful migration into OracleERP in 9 weeks. This has never been done as far as I've heard. I was complimented by a team of IBM consultants and we pushed around the clock to make it happen.
I will not bother noting my MS Office skills, as that's a whole page in itself.
Here is a summary of some of the larger applications I have development, implementation, and sustaining experience in:


  1. SharePoint with Project Server (2003 – Current)
  2. SQL Server (2000 - Current)
  3. Visual Studio (2001 – Current)
  4. Oracle 9-11 (2000-04, 2012-13)


  1. FourthShift (2005 – 2012)
  2. Oracle (2010 – 2012)
  3. QAD (2012-2015)


  1. Salesforce (2013-15)
  2. Dynamics (2015-Current)
  3. Goldmine (2005 – 2013)
  4. Clientele (1996 - 2004)


  1. Agile (2001- – 2004)
  2. Arena (2010 – 2012)