Art Dream

I am drawn to the human form and architecture. I emphasize complementary colors in much of my paintings. Abstract meets impressionism. Structured meets fluidity. Dark meets meaningful.

I try not to just paint a ‘picture’, as photography is just as much as an art form as painting. If you want a picture, you should talk to a photographer. There is so much more to appreciate with just the right palette. I use a variety of mediums for my paintings. I leverage everything from Linseed, Walnut, and Alkyds. Soft and loose paintings are rendered with Linseed oil. If I’m in a bit of a rush for a deadline, then I’ll lean to the Alkyds. Acrylics and water colors have always been my preference for modelling or conceptual design work for my oils. While I have a nice collection of Acrylics, they are not as common as my oil paintings, and watercolors are very rare to find. I do use those for some of storybook concept work.

Please review my Art section for available pieces that I have currently on display. I keep posted pictures of sold pieces as well in case you are inspired to have my paint you something.

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